CNN has completed a broad range of complex and large-scale projects of up to R 1,2 billion to high design, technical, professional standards. CNN has a track record of delivering quality architecture within the architectural and urban design fields. Projects and work completed has received peer recognition; received awards; won national and international architectural competitions; and been published extensively.

“Prince Zulu Durban Communicable Diseases Clinic”, Durban (with John Royal Architects) was recipient of a 2001 KZ-NIA Award of Merit

First Prize Award and Winners of the 2003 National Architectural Ideas Competition for the “Cato Manor Interactive Cultural Centre”

Winners of the 2004 selected competition for the “Fairlands Project: Wesbank & FNB Home Loans Offices”, Gauteng, for RMB Properties (in Continuum Architects’ JV with Fairbairn, MMA & MDS) Recipient of the 2009 SAPOA Award for Innovative Excellence

“Rosslyn Automotive Supplier Park” was recipient of the 2004 SAPOA Award for Innovative Excellence

Winners of the “Pan African Parliament Building Competition”, Midrand (in EarthLab JV with Reynolds Vidal & I3 Lab)

Winners of the 2004 selected competition for the “Kendra Old Age Facility”, Durban.

“Durban Point Timeball Square” was recipient of a 2009 KZ-NIA Award of Merit.

CNN has completed a range of work including amongst others: hospitals, institutional buildings, tourism, commercial, tertiary institutions, schools, police stations, offices, clinics, sports facilities, social housing, environmental, and industrial. Our experience also includes a range of urban design projects which have included amongst others: emerging towns, township town centres; historic precincts; the Durban Point Waterfront Development; as well as other studies.

CNN is technologically equipped, updated with architectural software, and has the skill, experience and expertise to ensure efficient production of graphic presentation and architectural documentation for the successful completion of projects.We are professionally registered with the South African Council for the Architectural Profession, and are members of the KwaZulu-Natal Institute for Architecture and the South African Institute of Architects.

CNN Architects is financially sound and have successfully completed projects within budget and time constraints. We have not been involved in litigation, nor have we had claims against us where we have had to use our professional indemnity insurance. We place emphasis on the efficient management of contracts in order to achieve the completion of high quality architecture within budget and time, and with value for money. Our experience as Principal Agents in managing professional teams ensures that we are able to produce well co-ordinated and completed buildings that function well.

CNN Architects is 100% black women owned and led practice with a Level 1 BBBEE Rating. We strive to maintain a high presence of black staff, especially black women at all levels. Karuni is at the forefront of CNN Architects and is involved in the day-to-day running of the practice; as well as leading and co-ordinating her team’s work on projects for various clients. We are committed to correcting and redressing inequalities within society through socio-economic development and empowerment opportunities which are creatively integrated within all our projects.

CNN Architects has a well-established base in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal. We are, however, also involved in projects in Gauteng within joint ventures.


CNN recognises the inequalities that exist within South Africa, and remains committed to correcting these within the practice and within the projects that we undertake. CNN’s approach is based on an unconditional commitment to the upliftment and the development of all disadvantaged individuals and communities. This has extended beyond the daily practice of the office and includes voluntary participation in various community-based and professional organisations.

Karuni has a history of active involvement in political, civic, youth and women’s organisations since 1980. In addition, she has since 1994 remained actively involved in professional organisations, engaging both the private and public sectors in including and facilitating the empowerment of black women-owned businesses within the construction industry and the built environment sector.

Being a black woman-led practice, CNN is continually made aware of the discrimination faced by women. CNN’s commitment to addressing the issue of gender is evident in the various women’s empowerment projects, programmes and research we have initiated, supported or been involved with, in an attempt to redress inequalities and encourage women’s participation in society, the construction industry and the built environment professions.

CNN is committed to developing human resources with an excellent past and ongoing record of the recruitment, employment and training of both previously disadvantaged and women staff. CNN ensures opportunities for the participation and involvement of disadvantaged individuals in all aspects of work within our practice. CNN is devoted to redressing gender inequalities and encouraging the active involvement and participation of women within the practice. CNN’s approach to the recruitment of staff is guided by affirmative action and employment equity, as well as qualifications, skill and experience.

CNN ensures sound employee relations, realistic salaries and working hours, as well as the provision of a physical environment that is conducive to creativity and work. CNN contains a diversity of cultures and language groups within our practice, and are fortunate to have an environment within which we foster a comfortable respect for each other.

As a contribution to the training and development of architectural professionals, CNN has since 1995 provided opportunities for students from both the Durban University of Technology and University of KwaZulu-Natal to complete their In-Service Training. This has also served to nurture black women students in particular, and provide them the space within which to empower themselves. CNN aims to provide training for at least ten students in a period of five years.

CNN also provides advice and support to Secondary School students in choosing and making decisions regarding their career paths in architecture and the built environment. Many scholars have spent a few days or their interim holidays at the CNN offices getting a feel of the career


SAIA South African Institute of Architects

KZNIA Kwa-Zulu Natal Institute for Architecture

SABTACO SA Black Technical & Allied Careers Organisation

DCCI Durban Chamber of Commerce & Industry

GBCSA Green Building Council of South Africa